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There are many forces that can make your hair look listless, dull and unhealthy.

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Silver Brights Clear Shine Shampoo

Silver Brights Clear Shine Shampoo

Product Features:

  • Imparts a brilliant luster and shine, brightening silver, white, gray and blonde hair.
  • Makes hair soft and silky to the touch.
  • Restores body and manageability as it works to eliminate yellow tones.
  • Formulated with a sun filter to protect against sun damage.

The exclusive SB-3 Complex is a unique triple-complex of optical brighteners, hydrolyzed milk proteins and amino softeners that synergistically work on the hair shaft to eliminate yellow tones, restore luster, softness and manageability. With consistent use of the Silver Brights hair care system, the condition, shine and look of your hair will be dramatically improved.

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